s30 240z

                                          nice looking s30....
                                    not many black on black Z out there....nice


240Z By RISING Japan

The 240z you see here is build by a tuning company in Japan called RISING. Owner Mr Yuki Komiya took 5 years to complete this built. The Z is running a 4.5 V8 engine commonly found in a Nissan Infinity but this one is turbocharged.

No nonsense interior

Ahh twin intakes...sweet


In Sepang

                                         Jaspal Motorsports Ford Escort


Man and machine

Now this is what u call a burnout



I know the blog title say's classic japanese cars but this Ford Escort packs a nasty Nissan SR20Det which makes it hard for me not to blog about it. Complete with customed grind cams and a standalone engine management system. The car was built only for one purpose that is to eat up the competition at the drag strip . It runs on MICROTECH tuned by Mr Jaspal (http://www.jaspalmotorsports.com/) also known as the northern drag king . It is totally a street car with glass windows and DOT tyres the only modification done to strenghtened the chassis was a rollcage.Despite a slipping clutch thanks to a a burned clutch plate, i mean you could actually see smoke coming out form the bell housing. Jaspal still manage to clock 11.2 sec in Sepang.


Here are some videos i managed to record using a blackberry...not bad actually but please excuse the voiceovers. Traffic was pretty heavy but it was just something that we can't miss the growl of a V8.